5 Reasons to hire Maid Qlean to clean your home

  • Hussein Awada |
  • blog-post |
  • September 26, 2017 |

You may probably think that hiring a professional cleaner is a luxury. And maybe it is since it’s housework that you can be doing. But when you think about ordering takeout, hiring a handyman or hiring a lawn company it is a form of outsourcing. This allows you to enjoy your family and friends without worrying about the chores left to do.

Still not convinced ? Read on for reasons to hire us to clean your home and free up your time!

1. We are Professionals

Our team of cleaners has, on average, 10 years of experience. We know what cleaning supplies to use for the toughest messes and how to clean the pesky areas. We rotate areas to ensure all aspects of the home are being cleaned – for example, bookshelves, baseboards, and interior window dusting. A team will come to your home to efficiently clean all your nooks and crannies!

2. We love Bathrooms

Bathrooms are everyone’s worst enemy. Soap scum, mildew, dirty toilets and showers, sinks and floors. This is where we excel! Every visit we focus on your bathrooms, making sure the tub is sparkling, shower glass is clear, toilets and sinks pearly white, and floors shiny. We spend more than half of our time on your bathrooms. 

3. Columbus’ only instant quote and online booking Maid service

Our service is built for the 21st century. A mobile-friendly website for instant quotes, instant booking and managing your reservation. If you want to reschedule, use your login to change when your cleaner comes. While you are in there you can add and remove services, change payment methods and review your service. This is truly revolutionary, no more inconsistent pricing – we are confident in our service that we let you control every aspect. Not to mention, we are 100% locally owned, Columbus, OH company, bonded and insured – your satisfaction is guaranteed.

4. Spend time with your family and friends

Hiring a maid isn’t just about convenience, but it’s about spending your precious time with the people you love not doing chores. On average, it takes about 60 – 90 minutes to clean 1000 sqft.  Imagine, that is over 4 hours a month of cleaning your home. That’s a night out, a movie or just Binge watch a show on Netflix. We are here to help free you up from doing your chores!

5. Stress-free special occasions, Holidays and moving

Hosting an event is already a daunting task. Running around trying to make sure the food is ready, decorations are up and, of course, if the house is clean. Remove the extra stress of hosting by hiring a cleaner. The cleaner will come in the morning to clean your home while you run errands before your guests arrive. This is especially important during the extra stressful Holidays! Don’t give your in-laws something to talk about.